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Holiday decorating outdoors Holiday decorating outdoors Holiday decorating indoors Holiday decorating indoors

Holiday Decorating
Indoors & Out!

Beginning November 1, Organized! by Romanic® starts decorating homes for Christmas inside & out using the client's decorations. If the client does not have the decorations or needs to replace something, Organized! by Romanic® will ask the client for a budget within which to work and then go acquire the needed items for the client.

On the exterior, Organized! by Romanic® decorates 1-story homes and easy-to-access-from-the-deck-or-porch areas but does not go up on 2nd-story roofs. Outdoors, Organized! by Romanic® will wrap small ornamental trees with lights.

Indoors, Organized! by Romanic® will put the lights & ornaments on "live" trees up to 10-feet tall and will assemble then decorate pre-lit trees up to 8-feet tall. Organized! by Romanic® will set up the client's Christmas village and put up indoor mantel & stairway decorations.

All lights are installed with photo-sensitive timers so all the client has to do is turn on the switch on Thanksgiving night and then relax and enjoy the holiday season. If the client prefers, Organized! by Romanic® will come back after January 1 to take down the decorations, put them neatly away, and return them to the client's storage area. The rate for Christmas decorating and for un-decorating is $75/hour.

Please schedule your Christmas decorating and un-decorating EARLY! Appointments for holiday decorating are subject to weather conditions: Organized! by Romanic® does not put up exterior decorations when it is raining or snowing heavily. If we have bad weather, Organized! by Romanic® will re-schedule both indoor and outdoor clients so that indoor decorating jobs are done on days when weather is poor.

Clients who have Organized! by Romanic® decorate their homes tend to be repeat customers, and some of them have long-standing holiday decorating appointments. It is more than OK to schedule your holiday decorating beginning October 1!

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