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Professional Organizer / Baltimore MD

Professional organizer in Easton MD

Need a professional organizer in or near Easton MD? Organized! By Romanic® can help. Visit the home page to learn how.

Easton MD logistics for the professional organizer

In general, Organized! by Romanic® tries to be flexible and work with clients on scheduling appointments. It takes approximately 1.5 hours one-way for Organized! by Romanic®to get to the Easton, MD area and approximately 2.5 hours one-way to get to the Salisbury area, therefore, Organized! by Romanic®prefers to work 8 hours in one day to make the trip worth the while. It is easier to work one longer day than it is to drive back and forth for two shorter days.

If the client is hoarding, Organized! by Romanic®prefers to drive out the night before, stay in a hotel, and arrive fresh in the morning to work. Working in a hoard is physically far more demanding than working in a home that is just cluttered. If Organized! by Romanic®has to drive 2 hours or more each way, she will have used an entire 30 gallon tank of gas to get there and back, therefore, the client will reimburse Organized! by Romanic®for the cost of the gasoline. If a hotel stay is necessary because the client is hoarding, the client will also reimburse Organized! by Romanic®for the cost of the hotel room, however Organized! by Romanic®is usually able to negotiate a reduced rate for a hotel room to work with a person who hoards by making multiple reservations at one time.

If you live in a historic or more urban area of the Easton, Cambridge, Salisbury, or St. Michaels areas, you should know that Organized! by Romanic® only works with clients who have a driveway, an assigned parking space, a parking lot on the same side of the street as their home, a parking garage with a minimum of 7 feet of clearance, or some other form of off-street parking available. This is because Organized! by Romanic® drives a full-size work van and must be able to open fully the rear doors of the van to load/unload. When Organized! by Romanic® parallel parks on the street, invariably, another driver squeezes in so close that she cannot open the rear doors. Also, it is very difficult to carry tools in and donations/trash out when one has to haul heavy items even half a block. If you live on the 4th floor or higher and do not have a functioning elevator in your building, Organized! by Romanic® will not be hauling the trash away for you unless you have a dumpster in your development.

Payment in full is due on the date of service; however, if a client’s budget precludes them from being able to have Organized! by Romanic® work for 8 hours straight in one day, Organized! by Romanic® can and will work with each client to develop a do-able payment plan prior to coming out to do the job. If a client needs to make payments, he/she will need to tell Organized! by Romanic® up-front before scheduling their appointment so that a payment plan can be worked out. If a client needs to make payments, they will need to write the agreed number of post-dated checks in the agreed amount and give them all to Organized! by Romanic® on the date of service. This way, when the date on the check arrives, Organized! by Romanic® can simply deposit the check. This is win-win because Organized! by Romanic® leaves with post-dated checks in hand and does not have to pursue payment, and the client can spread out the payments. There is always trust involved in both directions: Clients trust Organized! by Romanic® to not deposit those checks before the date written on them, and Organized! by Romanic® trusts that clients are writing good checks.

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